Since 2012, IBEKA has partnered with Stanford University Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW). ESW is a non-profit student organization that implements projects attempting to tackle the challenges of global poverty and sustainability. ESW and IBEKA are currently working on two joint projects: the Remote Monitoring System (RMS) and the Renewable Energy Communal Metering System (RECMS).

This year, the ESW RMS team has installed a cheaper, more compact and more reliable version of the remote monitoring system at the Cinta Mekar Micro Hydro Plant. Below are some graphic visualizations of the measurements. For more information about the Cinta Mekar installation, click here. In the future, we hope to expand this module to all IBEKA sites.

RMS Cinta Mekar Micro Hydro Plant Measurements

RMS Mount Halimun Micro Hydro Plant Measurements

RMS Sumba Palindi Wind Turbine Measurements